Sep 26, 2020  
Fall 2017 Catalog 
Fall 2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BI 169 - Nutrition

Credit Hours: 3

A science elective designed for non-science majors. A study of the principles of nutrition; nutrients as they relate to the individuals' daily living; how to plan and evaluate their own dietary intake; and consideration of social, economic and psychological factors in relationship to dietary practices. Weight control, health foods, additives and nutrition for various age levels and conditions of health will be explored.

Fulfills SUNY General Education -- Natural Sciences.

Course Outcomes
At the completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • introductory concepts: Define nutrients and explain how to utilize various tables, such as RDA, AI and VL;
  • energy nutrients: Describe lipids, carbohydrates and proteins, and analyze personal records of dietary intake;
  • non-energy nutrients: Describe fat soluble, vitamins, water soluble vitamins, minerals and discuss the issues involving supplementation;
  • energy balance: Recognize variations in body composition including underweight, overweight, and obesity. Discuss the cause of eating disorders;
  • applications: Discuss physical fitness in relation to nutrition and exercise. Interpret the information included on Nutrition Information Panels; and
  • other: Utilize available microcomputer hardware and software to collect data for projects.

Concurrent Registration: BI 170
F/S (C, N, S)

This course does not satisfy the science requirement for liberal arts/science majors.