Apr 04, 2020  
Fall 2017 Catalog 
Fall 2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ME 121 - Industrial Refrigeration II

Credit Hours: 3

Topics include: liquid feed to evaporators and vessels, direct expansion evaporators, gravity flooded evaporators, pumped liquid re-circulation systems, secondary refrigerants, heat exchangers, pressure enthalpy diagrams and two-stage and defrost systems.

Course Outcomes
After the completion of course, the student will learn the following subjects in addition to the operational procedures in laboratory:

  • liquid feed to evaporators and vessels;
  • direct expansion evaporators;
  • gravity flooded evaporators;
  • pumped liquid re-circulation systems;
  • secondary refrigerants;
  • heat exchangers;
  • pressure enthalpy diagrams;
  • two-stage; and
  • defrost systems.

Prerequisites: ME 120
F/S (N)