Sep 25, 2020  
Spring 2019 Catalog 
Spring 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DH 181 - Dental Radiography Laboratory II

Credit Hours: 1

Practical application of the knowledge gained in DH 180 will include infection control, supplemental intraoral techniques and panoramic radiography.  Hands-on training in identification of anatomical landmarks, dental caries, calculus and commonly used restorative dental materials as seen on intraoral and panoramic radiographic images.  Minimum passing grade is "C-."


Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • apply principles of professional, legal and ethical conduct, along with effective professional communication skills in all interactions with patients, peers, and other health care professionals;
  • apply Infection Control Protocol to prevent cross contamination of equipment, image receptors and instruments in a clinical environment;
  • integrate descriptive terminology as it relates to dental radiographic images;
  • identify and describe normal tooth anatomy and supporting structures as viewed on intraoral or panoramic images;
  • differentiate abnormalities, artifacts or foreign objects viewed on radiographic images;
  • describe and categorize the radiographic appearance of dental caries utilizing the radiographic classification of caries;
  • identify and describe the radiographic appearance of commonly used restorative materials;
  • recognize periodontal disease as it appears radiographically utilizing AAP criteria;
  • distinguish trauma, pulpal and periapical lesions as seen on radiographic images;
  • select supplemental intraoral techniques; and
  • identify patient preparation and positioning errors, and articulate corrective action necessary to improve image.


Prerequisites: All required first semester courses in the Dental Hygiene curriculum must be passed.
Corequisites: All required spring semester, first year courses in the Dental Hygiene curriculum.
Concurrent Registration: DH 180
S (N)

Withdrawal from or failure of a required course prevents further progression in the curriculum. General education courses may be taken earlier than indicated but may not be taken later than the prescribed schedule.