Sep 26, 2020  
Spring 2019 Catalog 
Spring 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DT 105 - Theatre Practicum

Credit Hours: 1

Course emphasis is on participation in college theatre productions. Students will be directly involved in both technical theatre construction and stage acting performances. Students may enroll four times for a maximum of four semester hours of credit.

Fulfills SUNY General Education -- The Arts.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • understand how to organize, schedule and prepare a production of a one-act play, reader's theater, or other dramatic genre for the college and the surrounding community;
  • create and perform a character from a written script employing techniques of character development, movement, line interpretation, memorization, and delivery;
  • construct, paint, and set up scenery, shift scenery during a show, and strike the set after the performance;
  • prepare the light plots, chart and cue sheets, hang and focus the lights and operate them during the show;
  • schedule and attend rehearsals, take all notes for the director, supervise cast members, set, costume, and prop constructions for the show as stage manager (s);
  • plan, secure, and make costumes, clean press, and mend costumes during the show, store owned costumes and return borrowed/rented ones;
  • plan makeup charts for each actor, obtain supplies, assist actors in application, clean the makeup room and store all supplies;
  • prepare property lists for each scene, and locate prop and furniture items including rehearsal props;
  • advertise the show in newspapers, radio, and television, design and create posters; and
  • distribute tickets, design and execute the play program, organize an usher list.

Cycles (C, N, S)