Sep 20, 2019  
Spring 2019 Catalog 
Spring 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EG 022 - Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

Credit Hours: 1

The course is designed to train students in A.H.A. cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and in patient assessment, hemorrhage control, management of fractures, treatment of various types of shock, and proper management of both medical and trauma patients prior to the arrival of professional rescuers or delivery to a hospital setting. Emphasis in the first part of the course is on an overview of human anatomy and physiology relevant to emergency health care. Other topics include patient assessment, triage, and mechanisms of injury. Attitudes, performance and expectations of persons delivering emergency health care within the context of the dental office will be emphasized.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion the student will be able to perform a patient assessment and treatment on a patient in an emergency situation in the dental office. This will include simple airway maneuvers, choking, treating unresponsive trauma or medical patients, performing CPR when needed and defibrillation among other emergency skills.

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