Aug 21, 2019  
Spring 2019 Catalog 
Spring 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EG 113 - EMT Basic

Credit Hours: 8

The fundamentals of basic life support, human anatomy and physiology, assessment-based care of medical and trauma emergencies, extrication and transportation form the core of this course. Cardial electrophysiology and rhythm recognition using semi-automatic defibrillators is taught. Basic cardiology, rhythm recognition and cardiac defibrillation using semi-automatic equipment and assistance with patient's prescribed medications are also included. Guest lecturers from in-hospital and pre-hospital field units are utilized and students are required to spend 10 hours of clinical observation in the area emergency departments. The clinical sites require verification of physical exam and immunizations. Successful completion may lead to New York State Basic EMT Certification.

Requirements for NYS Certification:

100% attendance is required for eligibility to sit for the NYS written exam; student must be18 years of age, and have no criminal record, in order to sit for exam;student must have a minimum of 80% overall course average; student must pass the final practical evaluation; and ten (10) hours of clinical time must be completed and documentation on file with the course instructors.

Course Outcomes
Upon satisfactory completion of Basic EMT, students are permitted to sit for the New York State EMT Certification exam.

Corequisites: Successful completion of three (3) Homeland Security courses; ICS 5, ICS 100, and ICS 700 within the first month of the course is required.
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