Oct 26, 2020  
Spring 2019 Catalog 
Spring 2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NU 120 - Health Promotion: RN Transition for LPN/Medical Military Personnel

Credit Hours: 2.5

This course is designated to assist the LPN/medical military personnel entering the first semester of the Associate's Degree RN Program (in lieu of NU 116/117), to understand the foundation of healthcare practices based on the wellness-illness continuum and use of the nursing process. Concepts of wellness, categories of human functioning, stages of maturity and dimensions of health promotion, along with childbearing, will be explored in a condensed presentation. College laboratory experiences will focus on the community as well as a skills assessment, and are designed to assist the LPN/medical military personnel entering the first semester of the Associate's Degree RN Program. Included will be an application of the nursing process with a childbearing family, in the community. The transcripts of the medical military personnel will be individually evaluated by the department and assessed for appropriate departmental transfer credit.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • identify concepts of the wellness/illness continuum;
  • identify concepts of health promotion/prevention of illness;
  • identify categories of human functioning;
  • identify categories of health alterations;
  • explain the psychological and psychosocial changes throughout the stages of maturity;
  • explain the psychosocial concepts of stress, adaptation and coping;
  • identify principles of communication;
  • identify the concept of caring;
  • identify spiritual and cultural factors, which affect wellness in individuals;
  • describe health promotion associated with all categories of health alteration, including childbirth;
  • identify the principles of infection control;
  • describe the focuses and purposes of the nursing process and its steps;
  • identify the nursing activities involved in each step of the nursing process;
  • apply principles of critical thinking skills at the beginning level;
  • apply the steps of the nursing process at a beginning level to clients for wellness and health promotion;
  • utilize library and multi-media resources;
  • utilize principles of health education and promoting wellness;
  • demonstrate skill in designated nursing procedures;
  • recognize health/community resources available for health promotion; and
  • incorporate the RN role in managing, assigning and planning client care.

Corequisites: BI 150, BI 151, EN 110, MT 111 or waiver.
F/S (C, N)