Apr 26, 2019  
Spring 2019 Catalog 
Spring 2019 Catalog

EG 115 - Advanced Emergency Medical Technology II

Credit Hours: 5

This course is a continuation of the AEMT I course which must be taken concurrently with EG 114. This course contains the following content:

  • certification in international trauma life support (ITLS);
  • management of obstetrical and pediatric emergencies;
  • management of mass casualty incidents (MCI);  
  • comprehensive megacode patient simulations; and 
  • students must pass the NYS written and skill exams to attain the AEMT cerfification.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

Basic EMT

  • student must demonstrate all competencies of a Certified NYS Basic EMT and pass the NYSDOH Basic EMT skills examination.

Advanced EMT: Must perform all the competencies of a Basic EMT and those contained in EG 114 and all the following:

  • perform peripheral vascular access demonstrating proper utilization of an angiocatheter, vacutainer, leuer adapter, saline trap, Intraosseous needle and fluid administration;
  • perform advanced airway maneuvers to include but not limited to: Endotracheal Inbubation, King Airway, Combitube, LMA, Bougee and chest decompression;
  • demonstrate proper application of the Magill forceps during airway management;
  • demonstrate patient assessment skills adapted for the geriatric and special needs patients;
  • demonstrate proper techniques of medication administration for I.V. Bolus, I/O, ET, IM, SQ, Nasal, Sublingual;
  • demonstrate management of pediatric emergencies and attain the required pediatric credential; and
  • demonstrate comprehensive management of a trauma patient and attain the International Trauma Life Support Certification.


Prerequisites: EG 113. At a minimum a student must be a currently certified NYS EMT.
Corequisites: EG 048, EG 051, EG 114
3.5 hours N/S

This course taken concurrently with EG 114 is 24 weeks, 3.5 hour classes meeting 3 nights per week. Course is offered in the Fall and Spring at North and South campus.