Feb 28, 2021  
Fall 2015 Catalog 
Fall 2015 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Education Studies, A.S.

Degree: Associate in Science
HEGIS Code: 5299.30
Curriculum Code: 1485
Campus Location: City, North, South, Distance

Business and Public Service Division

Pre-Admission Recommendations:  Physical Education/Athletic Participation or interest.


Program Description

The mission of the Associate in Science Physical Education Studies Program is to provide students with a solid foundation of learning experiences which will enable them to seamlessly transfer into a four-year program pursuing a degree in Physical Education. The curriculum accomplishes this task by providing a unique set of courses which were written incorporating the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Standards for Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers. These specialty Physical Education Studies courses are then merged with a strong base of courses designed to meet SUNY General Education requirements. Finally, students learn first-hand about their career path by shadowing professional educators engaged in the field in Western New York schools. Taken together, this coordination of learning and experiences will lead to solid transfer opportunities at four-year institutions in the physical education specialty area.

After graduation from ECC, a student in this career field can pursue a bachelor's degree program that will allow him/her to graduate with a teaching certification in physical education.

The Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Department offers many health, physical education, therapeutic recreation and recreation courses on all three ECC campuses. This allows students to experience a wide variety of course offerings tailored to their specific career goals.

As the site for the 1993 World University Games, ECC has world-class athletic facilities. The administration at ECC has seen fit to support  the HPER department with the financial resources necessary to acquire cutting edge physical education equipment for our student's use. This allows our students to learn and practice on state of the art technology and equipment that they will be expected to use when they enter the workforce.

For more information, (716) 851-1745 or e-mail HPER@ecc.edu.

Program Competencies

Upon graduation with an Associate in Science degree in Physical Education Studies the student will:

  • understand physical education content and disciplinary concepts related to the development of a physically educated person;
  • develop a professional portfolio;
  • have participated in a practicum supervised by a certified physical education teacher;
  • demonstrate use of current technology in physical education; and 
  • participate in professional development.

SUNY Transfer Path Requirement

Students matriculating in this program are required to fulfill the SUNY Transfer Path Requirement that most closely aligns with the program. Speak to your advisor for details.


Total Degree Credits: 62.5

First Year / Fall Semester Credit Hours: 15

First Year / Spring Semester Credit Hours: 17

Second Year / Fall Semester Credit Hours: 16.5

Second Year / Spring Semester Credit Hours: 14-15.5


  1. SUNY General Education: Basic Communication.
  2. SUNY General Education: American History (HI 101; HI 102; HI 103*; HI 108*; HI 115; HI 231*; HI 260*). HI 103, 108, 231, and 260 can only fulfill the SUNY General Education American History category if the student has scored at least 85 on the NY State Regents Exam in American History.
  3. SUNY General Education: Social Science (PS 100; PS 101; PS 201; PS 202; PS 203; PS 204; PS 207).
  4. SUNY General Education: Art (Any course in the approved list of art courses).
  5. SUNY General Education Elective (Any course on the approved list of any General Education category).
  6. SUNY General Education: Western Civilization (HI 100; HI 109; HI 110; HI 111; HI 112; HI 208; HI 241).
  7. SUNY General Education: Natural Science (Any course on the approved list of Natural Science courses).
  8. SUNY General Education: Humanities (Any course on the approved list of Humanities courses).
  9. It is strongly recommended that students complete Lifeguarding, Lifeguarding Instructor, Aquatics, and Water Safety Instructor as electives.