Dec 11, 2023  
Fall 2014 Catalog 
Fall 2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Respiratory Care Technical Standards


The Respiratory Care Program is accredited to provide graduate respiratory therapists who meet national standards, while also satisfying the needs of the community of interest served by the program. Technical standards are an accreditation requirement meant to assist both students and program faculty in determined appropriate qualification for the program. Technical standards must meet state and federal requirements that preserve the rights of individuals with disabilities.


Technical standards will be utilized to identify which students will need assistance in performing tasks and to identify students who would be unable to perform the job of respiratory therapist prior to program entry.



Gross Motor Skills


  1. Sit and maintain balance
  2. Stand and maintain balance
  3. Reach above shoulders
  4. Reach below waist
IV pole
Unplug electrical cord
Fine Motor Skills
  1. Pick up small objects with hands
  2. Type using a computer
  3. Twist
Turn knob on mete
Physical Endurance
  1. Walk
  2. Stand during procedure
  3. Sustain repetitive motion
100 meters in 1 minute
Stand at bedside for 5 minutes
Perform CPR for 1 minute
Physical Strength
  1. Lift 25 pounds of weight
  2. Push light equipment
  3. Push heavy equipment
Lift small oxygen cylinder
Push ventilator 50 feet
Push large cylinder 50 feet
  1. Stoop/Squat
  2. Move quickly
  3. Climb
  4. Bend
Squat then rising from standing
Climb 1 flight of stairs
Pick up object from bed
  1. Hear normal speech
  2. Hear without seeing lips
  3. Hear faint body sounds
  4. Hear auditory alarms
Repeat sentence
Repeat sentence (mask)
Identify blood pressure/BS
Identify ventilator alarm – 20 feet
  1. See objects at 20 inches away
  2. See objects at 20 feet away
  3. Distinguish color
Computer screen
Manikin in bed
Identify color on chart
  1. Feel vibrations
  2. Detect temperature
Palpate pulse
Identify cold, hot solutions