May 26, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Faculty & Staff

Erie Community College Administration

Officer in Charge

Adiam Tsegai, A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., SUC at Buffalo

Academic Affairs (Office of Provost and Executive Vice President)

Denise Raymond DiBlasio, Dean of Employment and Training Services II; B.A. Concordia University; M.S. SUNY at Buffalo.
Carrie W. Kahn, Executive Dean of Health Sciences; B.A., Canisius College; B.S., M.B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; Ed.D., D’Youville College
Justin Kiernan, Director of Pathways; B.A., M.S., Niagara University
Patricia Losito, Executive Dean of Nursing; B.S., D’Youville College; M.S., Syracuse University, ANP, Syracuse University; Ed.D., D’Youville College
Juan Martinez, Dean of Business & Public Services; B.S., M.S., SUC at Buffalo
Ranic, Adrian R., Interim Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs; B.A., Ed.M., SUNY at Buffalo 
Colleen Reedy, Vice President of Workforce Development; B.S., Houghton College., M.S., SUC at Buffalo
Patrick Ryan, Director Distance Learning and Alternative Programs II; A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., SUNY Empire, M.S.Ed., SUC at Buffalo
Adiam Tsegai, Provost; Executive Vice President;  A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., SUC at Buffalo

Enrollment Management (Office of Provost and Executive Vice President)

Andrew Annesi, Associate Director of Registrar; B.S., Niagara University, M.S., SUC at Buffalo
Robin Filippone, Director Financial Aid; A.A.S. Eastfield College, B.S. Empire State College
Katherine Marshall, Interim Dean of Continuing Education; B.S.,SUNY at Brockport, M.Ed., Northern Arizona University
Steve Mullen, Director of Athletics II; B.S., SUNY Cortland; M.S., Georgia Southern University
Erikson Neilans, Vice President of Enrollment Management; B.S., Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo 
Philip Struebel, Director of Admissions IIB.A.,Canisius College, B.A., Medaille College, M.A. Medaille College

Finance and Administration

Susan Buell, Interim Bursar;  B.A., University of Vermont, M.A. Suny Empire State College of Saratoga Springs, NY
Paul F. Danieu, Business Manager II Risk Assessment; B.S., Canisius College, M.B.A., SUNY at Buffalo
George De Rosa, Director of ERP-HCM II; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S. Houghton College
Maureen Ring, Interim Director of Human Resources; B.A., M.S., Canisius College
Joseph Lundin, Director of Academic & User Technology Services II; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.T., M.S., SUC at Buffalo
Arta Pllana, Comptroller; B.S., Cazenovia College

Institutional Research, Assessment, Accreditation, and Planning (Office of Provost and Executive Vice President)

Katherine Callesto, Associate Vice Provost Institutional Research, Assessment, Accreditation & Planning; B.F.A., Rochester Institute of Technology, M.Arch. SUNY at Buffalo


Mark Connors, Director of Environmental Health & Safety; B.S., M.A., SUNY at Buffalo
Mark Pacholec, Interim Associate Vice President of College Safety and Security; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College

Student Affairs (Office of Provost and Executive Vice President)

Naomi Diaz, Director of New Student Orientation; B.A., M.S. SUC at Buffalo
Daniel Frontera, Director of Student Access and Veterans Services II; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., Medaille College, M.S., SUC at Buffalo 
Jason Perri, Dean of Students; B.A., SUNY at Geneseo; M.Ed., SUNY at Buffalo
Nathan P. Wallace, Director of Applied Learning and Global Engagement II, B.A., Mercyhurst University, M.S.,SUC at Buffalo
Amy Yoder, Dean of Students; B.A.SUC at Buffalo, M.S. D’Youville College

Trustee Emeriti

Louis M. Billittier, Trustee Emeritus
Max E. Bretschger, Trustee Emeritus
Anthony M. Castiglia, Trustee Emeritus
Marybeth Cullinan, Esq., Trustee Emeritus
Nancy Gaglione, Trustee Emeritus
Floyd F. Lisinski, Trustee Emeritus
Sharon M. West, Trustee Emeritus


Thamby Ninan-Adangappuram, Professor Emeritus
Donna Allen, Professor Emeritus
Susan Ballard, Professor Emeritus
Irene Bania, Professor Emeritus
Jill Barrile, Librarian Emeritus
Mary Beard, Asst. Academic Dean Emeritus
Lynn Beebe, Professor Emeritus
Rita Belzer, College Nurse II Emeritus
George Benzinger, Professor Emeritus
Celeste Bernacki, Professor Emeritus
John F. Birkholz, President Emeritus
W. Gordon Brady, Professor Emeritus
Frank X. Brandstetter, Professor Emeritus 
Teresa Braunstein, Professor Emeritus 
Gardner T. Brookings, Professor Emeritus
Carolyn Brooks, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Linda V. Brown, Professor Emeritus
Charles Campbell, Professor Emeritus
Lorraine Carbonneau, Professor Emeritus
Gertrude Chrymko, Professor Emeritus
Robert Cole, Professor Emeritus
Bruce Cosby, Professor Emeritus
Eugene Covelli, Professor Emeritus
Eugene Cramer, Professor Emeritus
Joseph R. Cristina, Professor Emeritus
Robert A. Cunningham, Professor Emeritus
Carolyn Curley, Professor Emeritus
John Danna, Professor Emeritus
Joseph De Pasquale, Professor Emeritus
Michael Delaney, Professor Emeritus
Richard Delo, Professor Emeritus
Kathleen DeNisco, Professor Emeritus
Louis Depowski, Professor Emeritus
Barbara Donsky, Professor Emeritus
Susan Duke, Registrar Emeritus
Timothy Dwan, Professor Emeritus
John Eagan, Professor Emeritus
Arthur M. Ernst, Professor Emeritus
Constance B. Eve, Professor Emeritus
Janet Evert, Professor Emeritus
James J. Farino, Professor Emeritus (Awarded Posthumously)
Susan Felser, Professor Emeritus
Edward G. Fix, Professor Emeritus
Arthur C. Flentge, Professor Emeritus
Cosmo Fratello, Professor Emeritus
Henry W. Fries, Professor Emeritus
Marie Therese Frieri, Professor Emeritus
Walter C. Funk, Professor Emeritus
David Fusani, Professor Emeritus
Julianne Fusani, Assistant Project Director Emeritus
William Paul Ganley, Professor Emeritus
Lillian Gerstman, Professor Emeritus
Allan V. Gibbons, Professor Emeritus
Jimmie Gilliam, Professor Emeritus
Allison Girod, Professor Emeritus
Virginia Golden, Librarian Emeritus
Kathy Gorham, Professor Emeritus
Gene Grabiner, Professor Emeritus
Susan Greenley, Professor Emeritus
Laurette Grupka, Professor Emeritus
Daniel Halliman, Assistant Professor Emeritus
Barbara Hapeman, Professor Emeritus 
Dr. Clyde Haupt, Professor Emeritus
Robert Hedges, Professor Emeritus
Dorothy C. Heffron, Assistant Professor Emeritus
Michael Henning, Professor Emeritus
Marvin Herman, Professor/Department Head Emeritus (Awarded Posthumously)
Cynthia Heuer, Professor Emeritus 
Katherine Hill, Professor Emeritus
Gerald Hogan, Professor Emeritus
Thomas Hogenkamp, Professor Emeritus
James J. Hohensee, Dean of Students Emeritus
Pamela Huber, Professor Emeritus
Raj Mohini Hudecki, Professor Emeritus
Grace O. Hunt, Professor Emeritus
Thomas P. Jehrio, Professor Emeritus
David Jezewski, Professor Emeritus
Frank Jordan, Professor Emeritus 
Maryann Justinger, Professor Emeritus
Harry G. Kassidy, Professor Emeritus
William Kessel, Professor Emeritus
Dr. George Kelley, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Ruth Kirstein, Professor Emeritus 
Phyllis Koenig, Professor Emeritus
Linda Kuroski, Professor Emeritus
Catherine Laberta, Professor Emeritus
Richard LaClair, Professor Emeritus 
Christine M. Lamanna, Professor Emeritus
Paul Lamanna, Administrator Emeritus
Frank R. LaManna, Counselor Emeritus
Cynthia Landrigan, Professor Emeritus
Franklin B. Lee, Assistant Professor Emeritus
Jeanne Lenhardt, Counselor Emeritus 
George A. Lankes, Professor Emeritus
Patricia Lanz, Professor Emeritus
Pasquale Leonardi, Professor Emeritus 
Mary Long, Professor Emeritus
Thomas Luka, Professor Emeritus
Samuel P. Lux, Professor Emeritus
Phyllis MacCameron, Professor Emeritus 
Ruth L. MacDonald, Head College Librarian Emeritus
Francine Maley, Professor Emeritus
Karen Maloney, Administrator Emeritus
Salvatore C. Manuele, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Emeritus
Alfred M. Marcinelli, Professor Emeritus
Warren C. Marsh, Professor Emeritus
Judith Matheisz, Professor Emeritus
Dolores Maue, Professor Emeritus
Anthony Mauro, Professor Emeritus
Genevieve K. McQuillin, Professor Emeritus
Lynette Meslinsky, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Samia Metwali, Professor Emeritus 
Carlton Metzloff, Professor Emeritus
Richard Michaels, Professor Emeritus
James Mondello, Professor Emeritus
Rose Moore, Counselor Emeritus
Sylvia Moran, Professor Emeritus
David Merlo, Instructor Emeritus
Jeanette Neal, Professor Emeritus
Richard F. Newell, Professor Emeritus
Perry Nicholas, Professor Emeritus
Cynthia Niedzialkowska, Professor Emeritus
Lloyd R. Olson, Professor Emeritus
Martin Oper, Professor Emeritus
Remy Orffeo, Professor Emeritus
Mary Beth Orrange, Professor Emeritus
Wayne O’Sullivan, Professor Emeritus
Harry A. Panton, Professor Emeritus
Clarice Parrag-Graney, Professor Emeritus
Donald E. Peacock, Professor Emeritus
Franklyn A. Perry, Professor Emeritus
Marion Perry, Professor Emeritus
Ellene Phufas, Professor Emeritus
Vera Piper, Professor Emeritus
Roy Pipitone, Professor Emeritus
Jeanne Pirie, Professor Emeritus
Kathleen McGriff Powers, Librarian Emeritus
George A. Ranney, Professor Emeritus
Rozanne Redlinski, Professor Emeritus 
Paul Rellinger, Professor Emeritus (Awarded Posthumously)
Louis M. Ricci, President Emeritus
Barbara Rieman, Dean of Students II Emeritus
Jay G. Roberts, Professor Emeritus
Richard Robison, Professor Emeritus
Michael Rogers, Professor Emeritus
Chester Rosinski, Professor Emeritus
Douglas Roycroft, Professor Emeritus
Robert Sackett, Professor Emeritus
Paul Savino, Professor Emeritus 
Sally Scavone, Professor Emeritus
Marie Schmitz, Professor Emeritus
Montford A. Schrader, Professor Emeritus
Mary Lee Seitz, Professor Emeritus
James E. Shenton, President Emeritus
John Sherman, Professor Emeritus
Marlon B. Siegel, Professor Emeritus (Awarded Posthumously)
Helen Tang Singh, Professor Emeritus (Awarded Posthumously)
Sylvia Simon-Ray, Professor Emeritus
Christina Slazak, Professor Emeritus 
Oscar Smukler, Professor Emeritus
Paulette Snyder, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Joseph Sowinski, Professor Emeritus
Donald Spasiano, Professor Emeritus
Joseph Stewart, Associate Vice President of Information Technology Emeritus
Lorraine Sturm, Professor Emeritus
Susan Theeman, Professor Emeritus 
Joseph M. Tretter, Professor Emeritus
Jeanne Turansky, Professor Emeritus
Barbara Vickers, Professor Emeritus
Stephen S. Wagner, Professor Emeritus
Richard C. Washousky, Provost and Executive Vice President Emeritus
Mildred Z. Wates, Assistant Professor Emeritus
Murray Weinstein, Professor Emeritus
Kenneth Welton, Professor Emeritus
Marjorie E. White, Professor Emeritus
Christopher Whiteford, Professor Emeritus
Norvin T. Whitmore, Vice President Emeritus
Richard Wolcott, Dean of Students Emeritus
William Woods, Professor Emeritus
Robert Zaffram, Professor Emeritus
Susan Zorn, Professor Emeritus
Diane Zych, Professor Emeritus

SUNY Chancellor’s Awards

No higher honor can be accorded a faculty member or administrator than the prestigious Chancellor’s Award. Instituted in 1972 by the State University of New York, the Chancellor’s Awards recognize the professional excellence, accomplishments and outstanding contributions of SUNY’s dedicated professionals. Erie Community College is proud of its recipients.

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

2020 - David Usinski
2019 - Mary Jo Graham
2018 - Paul Kochmanski
2018 - Christine Wilkolaski
2017 - Michelle Michael-Lippens
2017 - Keith Scully
2017 - Bradley Streller
2016 - Thomas Franco
2016 - Mark Marino
2015 - Susan Theeman
2014 - John Harrigan
2014 - Adrian Ranic
2013 - Deborah Doucette
2012 - Charles Dielman
2011 - Gail Butler
2011 - Rozanne Redlinski 
2009 - Linda Kuroski
2009 - Phyllis MacCameron
2009 - Carol Mack
2009 - Timothy McQuade
2009 - Lorraine Sturm
2008 - Jeanne Pirie
2007 - Gerald Berkowitz
2007 - Marcia Bermel
2007 - Timothy Cercone
2007 - Debra Jenkins
2007 - Louise Kowalski
2007 - Richard Robison, Jr.
2006 - Janet Evert
2006 - David Fusani
2006 - Ellen Januszkiewicz
2006 - Mary Long
2005 - Samia Metwali
2005 - Cynthia Heuer
2004 - Timothy Dwan
2004 - John Eagan
2004 - Esteban Lopez
2004 - Jeannette Neal
2004 - Timothy Schnaufer
2003 - Melvin Brown
2003 - Gregory Gillis
2003 - Patricia Lanz
2003 - Diane Zych
2002 - Denise Wooten
2001 - Celeste Bernacki
2001 - Edna Kee
2000 - John Sherman
2000 - Francis Jordan
2000 - Andrew Sako
2000 - Dr. Paul Savino
1999 - Barbara A. Donsky
1999 - James J. Mondello
1999 - Jason L. Steinitz
1998 - Dr. Gene Grabiner
1998 - Robert Sackett
1998 - Michael Henning
1998 - Mary Anne Cattieu
1997 - Eugene Covelli
1997 - Dr. Zan Robinson
1997 - Ruth Kirstein
1997 - Pasquale Leonardi
1997 - John Nash
1997 - Pearl Outlaw
1996 - Carol Paskuly
1996 - Donald Spasiano
1996 - Sharon M. Trent
1995 - Donna Allen
1995 - Paulette R. Snyder
1995 - Dr. Alfred A. Stelmach
1994 - Susan Ballard
1994 - Diana Sina
1993 - Carolyn Brooks
1993 - Allison Girod
1993 - Russell Grosjean
1993 - Mary Beth Orrange
1992 - Carolyn Curley
1992 - Barbara Hapeman
1992 - Judith Matheisz
1991 - Richard E. Jones
1991 - Beverly A. Roe
1990 - Franklyn Perry
1989 - Mary Losi
1975 - Celes Tisdale

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service

2015 - Dr. Fabio Escobar

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Librarianship

2007 - Jane Ashwill
2005 - Christine DeHoff
1998 - Robert Kushin
1997 - Lynnette Mende
1993 - Jill Barrile
1992 - Margaret Giles
1991 - Judith Geer
1980 - Sylvia Moran

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service

2020 - Stephanie Scharmach
2016 - Christina Annesi
2014 - Viola Beatrice Quaye
2010 - Colleen Hannen 
2009 - Verlaine Quinniey
2007 - Santo Rizzo
2006 - Dr. Theresa Ranne
2005 - Susan Marchione
2005 - Dr. Joseph Sowinski
2004 - Dennis DiGiacomo
2003 - Barbara House
2000 - Barry Nowicki
2000 - Robert Slawinowski
1999 - Jeanne Lenhardt
1999 - Salvatore C. Manuele
1998 - Ralph Galanti
1998 - Dr. Eleanor Paterson
1997 - Samuel Palumbo
1997 - Susan Felser
1996 - Peter Blacher
1996 - B. Paul Hodan
1995 - Susan I. Duke
1995 - Marlon B. Siegel
1994 - Bernice Anson
1994 - Paul Lamanna
1993 - Kathy Hoffman
1992 - Joan Eustace-Reeverts
1992 - Richard Wolcott
1991 - Frank R. LaManna

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

2011 - Jennifer Campbell 
2008 - Perry Nicholas

Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Classified Service

The Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in the Classified Service are System-level awards established by the University to give System-wide recognition for superior performance and extraordinary achievement by employees in the Classified Service.  These awards demonstrate the University’s commitment to individuals who provide superior service to its students and the community at large.

2020 - Cheryl Dudziak
2019 - Cassandra Fish 
2018 - Susanne Blanton
2017 - Richard Rojek 
2016 - Sheila Stanchak
2015 - Leanne Schultz
2014 - Sharon Danzi

SUNY Distinguished Service Professors

2012 - Mary Beth Orrange
2010 - Dr. Gene Grabiner

Teaching Faculty - Full-Time

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z


Abati, Jena, Instructor of Biology; B.S., M.S., D’Youville College., B.A., Canisius College (C)
Acara, Janet, Professor of Vision Care Technology; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S.,SUC at Empire (N)
Alexander, George, Instructor of Criminal Justice; M.S., SUNY College at Buffalo (S) 
Alsani, Mohammed, Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.S., M.S., University of Jordan (N
Altair, Mary,  Department Chair and Professor of Social Science; B.A., Michigan State University; M.A., California State University, East Bay (S) 
Anderson, Amy, Department Head and Assistant Professor of Dental Assisting, A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., M.S. Ed., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Aquila, Carmen, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Humanities; B.M., SUNY at Fredonia, M.M., Bowling Green State University (S)
Armillotti, James, Associate Professor of Auto Trades: Autobody Repair A.S., A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., SUC at Buffalo (S)
Aungst, Colleen, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.S., LeMoyne College (S)


Bailey, Kimberly, Instructor of Biology; B.A. Connecticut College; Ph.D. University of Maryland Baltimore (S)
Bamrick, Jacqueline, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts; B.S., SUC at Buffalo (N) 
Banks, Schuyler, Assistant Professor of Business Administration; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, M.B.A., Medaille College (N)
Barker, Ray, Professor of Social Science; B.A., Rhodes College; M.A., Carleton University; Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Barnas, Kevin, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S. SUC at Buffalo, M.A. University at Albany (S)
Barnes, Kevin, Instructor of Automotive Technology (S)
Bateman, Derek, Department Chair and Professor of Social Science, B.A. SUC at Buffalo, M.S. London School of Economics, M.B.A., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Bauth, Joseph,  Professor of Health, Wellness and Physical Education Studies; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.A., M.S., Canisius College (N)
Benedict, Anne, Professor of English; B.S., SUC at Cortland, M.S., SUC at Fredonia (S)
Berkshire, Laurie, Professor of Social Science/Human Services; B.S., SUC at Empire; M.A., Medaille College (C)
Bernard, Patricia, Instructor of Biology; SUNY Delhi LVT; B.S., Eckerd College; M.S., University of North Carolina at Charlotte(N)
Bianchi, Gary, Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., SUC at Buffalo (S)
Bierl, James, RT, Department Head and Professor of Respiratory Therapy; BS., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo; CRT, RRT, NPS (N)
Bobowicz, Robin, Assistant Chair and Assistant Professor of General Studies; B.S., M.S. SUC at Buffalo (S)
Bollinger, Jacqueline, Professor of English; B.A., M.A. St. Bonaventure University, Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Bonaventura, Lisa C., Professor of Biology; B.A.,SUC at Oswego; M.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Bonhotal, Jeremy, Assistant Professor of English; B.A., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Bossman, Jacqueline, Instructor of Humanities; B.A., Franciscan University (S)
Brady, Joseph, Instructor of Mechatronics, B.S.,SUNY of Maritime (N)
Braun, John, Assistant Professor Vision Care Technology; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S. SUC at Buffalo (N)
Brewer, Elena, Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology/Nanotechnology; Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N) 
Bryant, Jeanie, Assistant Professor of Clinical Laboratory Technician & Biotechnological Science; A.A.S., Trocaire College; M.S., SUC at Empire (N)
Budzinski, Matthew, Department Chair and Professor of Physics; B.S., SUC at Buffalo; Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Bukowski, Joan, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Business Administration; M.B.A, SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Busch, Robert L., Instructor of Industrial Technology; B.A., M.A. University of Buffalo (N)
Butler, Gail, Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., Canisius College; Ed.M., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Byl, Ruslana, Instructor of Nursing; B.A.,Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine; M.A., Bowling Green State University;(C)


Caine, Sabrina, Department Chair and Professor of English; B.A., M.A., Case Western Reserve University; Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Campbell, Jennifer Ann, Professor of English; B.A., SUC at Geneseo, M.A., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Cannata, Louis, Instructor of Business Administration & Office Management; B.A. Syracuse University; M.A., Trevecca Nazarene University (C)
Caputi, Robert, Professor of Social Science; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Cercone, Timothy, Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., M.A., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Cirocco, Nicholas, Instructor of Automotive Technology; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College (S)
Collins, Richard, Professor of Paralegal; B.A., Hobart College; J.D., Albany Law School (C)
Conomos, Beth, Professor of English; A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., M.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Cook, Tomasina, Professor of Criminal Justice; B.S., M.S., M.S., Niagara University (C)
Coughlin, Michael, Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., SUC at Empire (S)
Crimmen, Marlene B., Associate Professor of Social Science; B.S., Ramapo College of New Jersey; M.A., Montclair State University (C)
Crocker, Angela, Department Chair and Professor of Biology; M.S., SUNY at Buffalo; B.P.S., D.C., New York Chiropractic College (C)
Cronise, Justin, Department Chair and College Librarian; B.A., SUNY at Brockport, M.L.S. SUNY at Buffalo  (S)
Curran-Capasso, Robin, Director and Professor of Teacher Prep Program; B.S., SUC at Buffalo, M.S., D’Youville College (C)


Dalessio, Anthony P., Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology/Nanotechnology; B.S., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Damin, Gabrielle, Instructor Dental Hygiene; A.S., A.A.S SUNY Erie Community College; B.S. Farmingdale State College; M.S. SUNY Buffalo State College (N)
Darden, Lenora, Associate Professor Business Administration & Office Management; B.S. Canisius College (N)
Darone, Lisa, Professor of Nursing; B.S., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
De La Rosa, Jewel, Senior College Librarian; B.A., M.L.S., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Degnan, Josephine, Professor of CLT/MA & Biotechnological Science; B.S., M.S., D’Youville College; New York State Licensed CLS (N)
DeMarco, Peter, Jr., Department Head and Professor of Dental Laboratory Technology; B.A., Canisius College, D.D.S. SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Denio, David, Professor of English; M.S., at Niagara University; B.A., Ashland College (MS)
Dentinger, Laurie, Assistant Professor of  CLT/MA & Biotechnological Science; B.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Devirgilio, James, Instructor of CLT/MA & Biotechnological Science; M.A., Daemen College; B.S., BB (ASCP) (N)
Diapaul, Jaclyn, Department Chair and Instructor of Health Wellness and Physical Education, Sports and Leisure Studies; A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., M.S., Canisius College  (S)
Dinieri, Steven, Assistant Professor of Industrial Technology; A.O.S., SUNY Erie Community College (N) A.A.S., B.S. Thomas Edison State University (N)
DiPronio, Richard A., Department Chair and Associate  Professor of Auto Trades: Autobody Repairs; B.A., Canisius College (S)
Dixon, Amanda, Instructor Health Physical Education, Sports and Leisure Studies; B.S. SUNY at Cortland; M.S., Canisius College (N)
Donalson, Linda, Department Chair and Instructor of Information Technology, Academics; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., M.B.A. Medaille College (S)
Doucette, Deborah L., Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; M.B.A., University at Dallas (N)
Dougherty, Colleen M., Professor of Social Sciences; B.A., SUC at Buffalo; M.A., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Drzewiecki, Robert, Instructor of Electrical Engineering Technologies/Nanotechnology; B.S., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Dutta, Tanusree, Instructor of Mathematics/Computer Science; M.S. SUNY at Buffalo (N)


Ellis, Katherine, Teacher Preparation Coordinator and Professor of Social Science/Coordinator of Teacher Prep Program; B.S., Ithaca College, M.B.A., SUNY at Buffalo, M.S., Niagara University (C)
Ertel, Mary, Professor of English; B.A., Canisius College; M.A., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Escobar, Andrea, Assistant Professor of Humanities; B.A., SUNY at Albany, M.A. San Francisco State University, ED, D., SUNY at Buffalo (C)


Fallon, Lori, Professor of Early Childhood, A.A.S., Endicott College, B.A., Ed.M., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Falls, William, Assistant Professor of Physics; B.S., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Fendinger, Jennifer, Department Head and Professor of Clinical Lab Technology/Medical Assisting; B.S., SUNY Fredonia; M.S. Canisius College; M.S. University of Southern Mississippi; Ph.D., A.T. Still University (N)
Ferland, Paula, Professor of Nursing; B.S.N., D’Youville; M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Franco, Thomas J., Department Chair and Professor of Biology; B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology; M.A., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Fransman, Robert, Instructor of Information Technology; B.S., M.S., Alfred University (S)
Franz, Eliza, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education; B.A., SUC at Geneseo, M.S., Canisius College (C)
Frustaci, Jana, Professor of Biology; B.S., M.A., Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo (N)


Gadikian, Maryangela, Professor of Information Technology; B.S., SUC at Buffalo; M.B.A., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Gawron, Joseph, Instructor of Building Management and Building Trades (HVAC/R) B.A. St. Lawrence University; M.B.A. Canisius College (N)
Gefert, Linda M, Professor of Dental Hygiene; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S. SUC at Buffalo (N)
Gill, Donald, Professor of Biology; B.S., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Gill, Gerald J., Professor of Criminal Justice, B.S., J.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Gillis, Robert A., Department Chair and Professor of Construction Management Engineering Technology/Civil Engineering Technology; B.P.S., SUC at Buffalo (N) 
Gjurich, Steven, Professor of English as Additional Language; B.S., University of Maryland; ED.M., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Godert, John, Department Head and Professor of Vision Care Technology; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., M.S. Ed., SUC at Buffalo; Registered Ophthalmic Dispenser (N)
Golabek, Jeffrey A., Associate Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.S, M.S., SUC at Buffalo (S)
Gonzalez, Andrew, Assistant Professor of Health, Wellness and Physical Education Studies; A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.A., SUC at Cortland (S)
Gonzalez, Rosa, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Emergency Management; B.S., M.E. University of Florida; Ph.D., Southwestern University (C)
Goodemote, Tammy, Instructor of Nursing; B.S., Roberts Wesleyan College (N) 
Goss, Kristin, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts; B.S. Michigan State University (C)
Gosselin, Renee, Department Chair and Instructor of Dietetic Technology; B.S., M.S. Dietetics D’Youville College  (N)
Gullo, Peter, Department Chair of Mechatronics and Instructor of Computer and Electronics Technology; B.T., SUNY College at Buffalo; M.B.A., ITT Technical Institute of Indianapolis (N,S)
Gustafson, Erik, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Valparaiso University; M.S., Northwestern University (S)


Haak, Kyle, Associate Professor of Hospitality Management./Culinary Arts; B.S., SUC at Buffalo (C)
Hamilton, Amy, Instructor of Dental Hygiene; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., Niagara University; M.S., Western Governors University (S) 
Harning, Abigail, Department Chair and Professor of Emergency Medical Technology; B.S.Ed., SUC at Buffalo; M.Ed., Pennsylvania State University; EMT/Paramedic Certificate, SUNY Erie Community College (N) 
Harris, Justyne, Assistant Professor of Social Science; B.A., Canisius College; M.A., John Jay College (S)
Haynoski, Ashley, Instructor of Biology; A.S., Jamestown Community College, B.S., M.S. SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Hendra, Erika, Professor of English; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; M.A., SUC at Fredonia (S)
Henninger, Kathleen, Instructor of Respiratory Therapy; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, A.O.S. Erie Community College, B.A. Daemen College,  (N)
Higgins, Michael, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.S., M.A., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Hill, Shawn, Professor of Construction Management Engineering Technology/Civil Engineering Technology; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo, M.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Hoag, Timothy, Assistant Professor of Business Administration; B.B.A., St. Bonaventure University (S)
Huffnagle, Stephanie, Instructor of Paralegal; B.A, M.L.S., SUNY at Buffalo, J.D., Albany Law School (C)
Hyland, James M., Instructor of Biology; D.C. NY Chiropractic College; M.A. NY Chiropractic College (N)
Hyzy, Andrew T., Department Chair and Professor of English; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; M.A., Northeastern University (N)


James, Marlyce, Department Head and Interim Professor of Dental Hygiene; B.A. M.S., Ed., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Januszkiewicz, Jason, Professor of Business Administration; B.S., Syracuse University; J.D., SUNY at Buffalo (S) 


Kalu-Nwiwu, Azubike, Professor of Social Science; B.A., SUC at Buffalo; M.S., M.A., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Kasa, Temesgen, Department Chair and Instructor of Mechanical Engineering Technology; B.S. Nazareth College of Technical Teacher Education; Ph.D., Pukyong National University (N)
Kearns-Bodkin, Jill N., Professor of Social Science/Psychology; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Keem, Jason, Instructor of Dental Hygiene; B.A. SUNY at Buffalo, M.S., Ed,. Northern Arizona University (N)
Kivari, John D., Professor of English; B.A., M.A., St. Bonaventure University (S)
Klejna, Anthony, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering/Nanotechnology; B.S., University of Dayton; M.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Knight, Heidi, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts; A.O.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.A., SUC at Fredonia (C)
Kobis, Sherri F.,  Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., Canisius College; M.Ed., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Kot-Barone, Amy, Instructor Early Childhood; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., SUC at Buffalo, M.S. Canisius College (C)
Kozlowski, Kristin, Department Chair and Professor of Business Administration; B.A., SUC at Geneseo; J.D., University of Akron School of Law (C)
Kozlowski, Michael, Department Chair and Professor of Criminal Justice; A.O.S., Bryant and Stratton College at Buffalo, B.S., Empire State College at Saratoga, M.A., SUNY at Albany (N)
Krenitsky, Joseph, Department Chair and Professor of Paralegal; B.A., Le Moyne College; J.D., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Kunkle, Lisa, Professor of Office Management and Administration; A.A.S., Monroe Community College; B.S., SUC at Buffalo; MBA, SUNY at Buffalo (N)


Lacey, Brenda, Professor of English; B.A., Canisius College; M.S., SUC at Buffalo; Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)  
Langdon, Erin, Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., M.Ed., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Laverdi, Vincent, Department Chair and Instructor of Automotive Technology; A.O.S., SUNY College of Technology at Alfred, C.T.E Certification, SUC at Buffalo (S)
Lebedzinski, Melissa, Instructor of Business Administration; B.S., Hilbert College (C)
Lee, Donald, Professor of Building Management and Building Trades: A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., M.S. Ed., SUC at Buffalo (C)
Lee, Wei, Zhu, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Physics; B.S., Peking University, China; Ed.D., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Lindstrom, Tamara, Instructor of Dental Hygiene; A.A.S., Tunxis Community College, M.S.W., SUNY at Buffalo, (N)
Lukasik, Michael, Assistant Professor of English; B.A., M.A., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Lukasik, Robert, Instructor of Hospitality and Culinary Arts; A.O.S., Culinary Institute of America-NY; A.A.S., Villa Maria College of Buffalo; B.S., Empire State College (N)


MacKay, Andrew C., Assistant Chair and Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A.,CS, M.Ed., SUNY at Buffalo (N) 
Mancuso, Richard, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Social Science; B.S. Medaille College., Ed.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Marchetti, Kelly, Instructor of Dental Hygiene; B.A., St. Bonaventure University, B.S., The Dental School, University of Maryland, M.S., SUC at Buffalo (S)
Marino, Mark R., Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., M. Ed., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Masferrer, Maria, Assistant Professor of English as an Additional Language; B.A., SUC at Buffalo; M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Mason, Keith, Instructor of Radiation Therapy Technology; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College; B.A., University of Washington at Seattle, M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (C)
McElvein, Paul, Instructor of Criminal Justice; B.S., SUC at Buffalo; M.S., Radford University (N)
Mejia, Sister Cristel, Associate Professor of Humanities; B.A., California State University; M.S., Niagara University; M.A., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Milleville, Brian, Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; M.A., Indiana University (S)   
Moag, Brian, Professor of Civil Engineering Technology/Construction Management Engineering Technology; B.S., Valparaiso University, M.E., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Morrow, Christopher, Department Chair and Instructor of English as an Additional Language; D.P. M.S. Ed., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (C) 
Morrow, Kristine, Assistant Chair and Instructor of General Studies; B.S. Natural/Social Science, M.S. SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Mure, Christopher, Instructor of Biology; B.A., B.S. SUNY at Buffalo., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo, (N)
Musial, Timothy J., Instructor of Biology; B.S. Canisius; M.S., D.C. NY Chiropractic College (C)


Naetzker, Nathan, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Humanities; B.F.A., SUC at Buffalo; M.F.A., New York Academy of Art (C)
Newell, Richard G., Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., Ed.M., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Noble, Jennifer, Instructor of CADD Technology; B.S., M.Ed., SUC at Buffalo (S)


O’Connor, Kevin, Assistant Professor of CADD; B.S., SUNY at Buffalo (S) and B.S., SUC at Buffalo (S)
O’Donnell, Gina, Professor of Communication Arts and Media Arts; B.A., SUNY College at Oswego, M.A., SUC at Brockport (S)
O’Malley, Jill Y.,  Professor of Biology; A.A., Cayuga Community College; B.A., M.S., Syracuse University; D.C., New York Chiropractic College (C)
Onesi, Mark, Instructor of Business Administration; A.A., Niagara County Community College, B.S., St. Joseph’s College, M.B.A., Liberty University, M.S. Old Dominion University, J.D., John Marshall Law School (C)
Ottaviano, Anthony, Instructor of Nursing; A.A. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S. Daemen College (C)
Owens, Marie, Assistant Professor of Nursing; B.S., M.S., Daemen College (N)


Pandolfino, Mary Shauna, Department Chair and Professor of Chemistry; B.A., B.S., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Paner, Eric, Professor of Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts; B.S., M.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Partee, Marianne, Professor of Social Science; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Paul, Ryan, Instructor of Automotive Technology; A.A. Alfred State College (S)
Pauli, Alyssa, Instructor of Physics; B.S., M.S., SUC at Buffalo (S)
Perel, Linda, Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A.,M.A., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Piver, Danielle, Assistant Professor of Social Science; B.S., Cornell University, M.A., Central Washington University, Ph.D., Claremont University (N)
Pomeroy, Kara, Instructor of Dental Hygiene; A.A.S. Erie Community College B.S. M.S. Ed., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Porter, Brian, Professor of Humanities; B.F.A., SUNY at Buffalo, M.F.A., New York Academy of Art (N)
Prince, Denise, Department Chair and Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Pulinski, Christopher, Department Chair and Professor of English; B.A., M.S., Canisius College (S)


Quinn, Colleen P., Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.S., M.S., Phd., SUC at Buffalo (S)


Rave, Kristine, Professor of Health, Physical Education, Sports and Leisure; B.S. Cortand University, M.A. Wake Forest University (S)
Redmin, Christina, Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., M.S., Canisius College (N)
Reynard, Justin, Instructor of Chemistry; Ph.D., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Richbart, Daniel H., Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; A.S., Niagara County Community College,  B.S., SUC at Buffalo, Ed.M., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Rinehart, Amber, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Arts; B.S., SUNY at Fredonia; M.A., Academy of Art University - CA (S)
Rivera, Joseph, Instructor of Computer and Electronics Technology: A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College (N,S)
Robbins, George, Professor of Social Science; B.A., M.A., University of Michigan (C)
Roberts, Matthew, Instructor of Dental Hygiene; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., SUNY at Albany; M.S. SUC at Buffalo (N)
Rojas, Rene´, Professor of English; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; M.A., McGill University, Montreal, Canada (S)
Romesser, Tracy M., Department Chair and Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.A., SUNY at Albany; M.A., Ed.M., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Rothwell, Susan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; M.S. Ed., University of New England (S)
Ruggiero, James, Department Chair and Professor of Architectural Technology; B.P.S., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Runfola, James, Assistant Professor of Humanities; B.A., M.S., SUNY at Fredonia (N)
Rupert, Craig, Instructor of Industrial Technology; A.S., SUNY Erie Community College (N) 


Sako, Andrew D., Department Chair and Professor of Building Management and Building Trades; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., M.S. Ed., SUC at Buffalo. (C)
Scalione, Julie, Professor of Criminal Justice; B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; M.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice (N)
Scalise, Leslie, Professor of English; B.A., Oakland University; M.A., Michigan State University (C)
Scharmach, Stephanie, Instructor of Chemistry; B.S. Ph. D., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Sciandra, Jennifer, Instructor of Health, Wellness & Physical Education Studies; M.S. SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Scully, Keith T., Professor of Biology; B.S., Gannon University; M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (N) 
Shaheed-Sonubi, Taheera Z., Professor; B.A., M.L.S., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Silsby, Mary Anne, Professor of Biology; B.S., University of Notre Dame; M.A., Indiana State University (N)
Simmeth Pamela, Professor of Health, Physical Education, Sports and Leisure Studies​., A.A.S SUNY Erie Community College, B.S., Bowling Green State University (C) 
Sinsabaugh, Kristina, Instructor of Nursing; B.S.,SUNY at Buffalo, M.S. SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Soderholm, Gordon M, Professor of Civil Engineering, B.S., Valparaiso University; M.E., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Steinitz, Jason J., Professor of Social Science; B.A., M.A., Bowling Green State University, Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Stelmach, Alfred A., Professor of Physics; Ph.D., Clarkson College of Technology (S)
Stokes, Carl, Instructor of Social Science and Human Services; A.A.S, SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., SUC at Buffalo; M.S.W., SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Stokes, Hadeen, Department Chair and Senior College Librarian; A.A., SUNY Erie Community College; B.A., SUC at Buffalo; M.L.S., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Strano, Joseph, Principal Police Training Professional;  A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College; B.S. Empire State College (N)
Stranz, Robert, Department Chair of Green Building Tech. and HVAC/R and Assistant Professor of Building Management and Building Trades; B.S., SUNY at Buffalo (C)
Streller, Bradley, Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.S., SUNY at Buffalo, M.S., University of Illinois (N)  
Sweet, Tamara, Instructor of Dental Hygiene; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, M.S.ED., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Sylvia, B. David, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Medical Assisting; B.A., SUC at Buffalo, B.B.A., Bryant and Stratton (N)
Syroczynski, Gary, Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., SUC at Buffalo; ASE Master Technician Certification (S)


Thauer, Crystal, Instructor of Nursing, A.A.S. Niagara Community College; B.S., M.S. Daemen College (C)
Thomas, Aaron, Professor of English; A.A.SUNY Erie Community College, B.A., SUNY at Geneseo, M.A. SUNY at Fredonia (N)
Tiede, Mark A., Professor of Physics, B.A., SUC at Geneseo; M.A., Ph.D., Florida State University (N)
Trapasso, John M., Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science, B.A., M.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)


Uhrich, Joseph, Associate Professor of Automotive Technology; B.S.,SUC at Buffalo (S)
Urban, Audra, Instructor of Nursing; A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, M.S. Daemen College (N)
Usinski, David M., Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science; B.S., SUC at  Brockport; M.S. Pennsylvania State University (C)


Van Dewater, Patrick, Instructor of Building Management and Building Trades; A.O.S., SUNY Erie Community College, B.S. and M.A. SUNY Empire State College (C)
Viglucci, Andrew, Professor of Criminal Justice; B.S., Niagara University; M.S., SUC at Buffalo (N)
Vogt, Christopher, Assistant Professor of English; B.A., SUC at Fredonia (C)


Wall, John, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medical Technology (S)
Waterman, Scott, Assistant Professor of Automotive Technology; A.A.S. Erie Community College, B.S. M.S. SUNY at Buffalo (S)
Webb, Thomas, Instructor of Business Administration; B.S., Cornell University, M.L.S., J.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Wehn, Karen, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Physics; A.T. Northern Michigan University, B.F.A. Ohio State, M.S. Kent State University (N)
Welchons, Matthew, Instructor of Biology; B.S., Sienna College, M.S., SUNY Upstate Medical University (N)
Welsh, Janet, Assistant Professor of Dental Hygiene; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College, (N)
Wiley Moslow, Lisa, Associate Professor of English; A.B., Cornell University; Ed.M., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Wise, Shannon, Assistant Chair and Professor of Office Management and Administration; B.S., M.S., SUC at Buffalo (S)
Witkowski, Nathan, Department Chair and Professor of Industrial Technology; A.O.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., M.S., SUNY at Buffalo (N)  
Wood, Jean, Department Head and Professor of Radiation Therapy Technology; A.A.S., SUNY Erie Community College; B.S., Greensboro College; M.B.A., Pfeiffer University (C)
Wooten, Denise, Professor of Business Administration; B.S., Canisius College, M.B.A., University of Wisconsin (N)


Xuan, Yashu, Professor of Physics; B.S. Nankai University; Ph.D., Purdue University (N)


Zahn, Cindy, Professor of Dental Hygiene; B.S., Old Dominion University; M.S., University of Cincinnati (N)
Zawacki, Stephen, Professor of Chemistry; B.S., Ph.D., SUNY at Buffalo (N)
Zimicki, Connie, Associate Professor of Respiratory Therapy; B.P.S., SUC at Empire, M.S. Ed., SUNY at Buffalo (N) 
Zivis, Elizabeth, Assistant Professor of Health Information Technology; A.A.S. SUNY Erie Community College, B.S. Daemen College (N)