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Fall 2014 Catalog 
Fall 2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AU 128 - Mopar CAP Cooperative Work Experience

Credit Hours: 1.5

Theory and instruction received in previous CAP courses, taught with a Chrysler emphasis, are applied to work in the sponsoring dealership.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • determine through diagnosis problems related to the engine;
  • use test equipment to determine the parts and/or related components requiring repair or replacement;
  • disassemble/inspect/repair and reassemble all Chrysler 4-, 6-, 8-cylinder engines (recent production);
  • disassemble major engine components for adjustment, repair or replacement;
  • perform replacement of external components such as water pumps, valve covers/gaskets, oil pan/gaskets, etc.;
  • demonstrate a working knowledge and show the proper use of micrometers, torque wrench, dial indicators, etc.;
  • remove and install and engine assembly and be able to disconnect/connect related hoses, cables and electrical connections;
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the Chrysler Onboard Diagnostic system (OBD II);
  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of the Chrysler DRB III;
  • show the ability to identify and locate the various sensors, potentiometers, etc. tied to computer related automobile operation;
  • read and follow diagnostic charts designed to aid in locating and repairing computer related problems;
  • show the ability to identify and use special tools needed to remove and install faulty computer related components. (EXAMPLE: special tool needed to replace oxygen sensor);
  • demonstrate the ability to use a DVOM to test and determine whether a component is good/bad;
  • repair processor and related wiring to Chrysler manufacturer specifications;
  • roadtest a vehicle with diagnostic equipment attached to determine a drivability problem; and
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the Antilock Braking System(s) (ABS) used by Chrysler.

All Daimler-Chrysler CAP Co-ops are conducted with the student working with an “A” grade Technician. All the above objectives would be performed under the guidance of a professional to aid the student in the learning process as well as ensuring that all repairs and inspections are performed properly and at the level expected of the manufacturer.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in the Chrysler College Automotive Program (CAP).
Corequisites: AU 112, AU 113, AU 227, AU 228
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