Dec 10, 2023  
Fall 2014 Catalog 
Fall 2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DA 107 - Introduction to Information Systems Security

Credit Hours: 4

The course provides an overview of the principles and concepts of Information Systems Security. It is the first course required for the ISS certificate. It includes an introduction to information security, the need for information security, risk assessment and management network and system security, cryptography and security maintenance. Hands-on exercises will be included.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  • understand key terms and critical concepts of information security and the duties and responsibilities within an information technology department;
  • identify threats and attacks to information security;
  • assess security risks and determine how to manage them;
  • identify intrusion detection, access control, and other tools used for information security;
  • describe basic principles of cryptography; and
  • list and explain major protocols for secure communication.

F/S (C, N)