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Fall 2014 Catalog 
Fall 2014 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MR 253 - Professional Practice Experience II

Credit Hours: 1.5

Enables student to utilize the knowledge and skills obtained in previous classroom instruction in a supervised clinical setting through placement at a healthcare facility. Students will participate in the actual functioning of a health information/ medical record department under the supervision of a medical record manager. 

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • apply technical skills and knowledge learned in the classroom in a variety health care settings;
  • read and interpret all departmental policies and procedures;
  • recognize relationships and flow of information between the medical record/health information departments in a health care facility;
  • demonstrate skills in the various technical aspects of health information operations;
  • identify the practice of registered health information technicians, registered health information administrators, and other health care personnel in varied health care settings by observations and interactions with these individuals;
  • perform tasks in the medical record/health information department at the level necessary to understand administrative and personnel implications of each position;
  • demonstrate the entry level competencies for registered health information technicians;
  • obtain information regarding ownership, services, facilities and patient population of the professional practice site;
  • accurately assemble and analyze records of discharged patients for quantitative deficiencies;
  • understand the filing and retrieval system and follow all established procedures;
  • process a selection of requests for information in accordance with medical record/health information and facility policy and procedures;
  • apply the appropriate coding system to accurately code all diagnoses and procedures;
  • extract health information from the patient record to meet the variety of data base requirements according to facility policies and procedures;
  • comply with all medical record/ health information department policies, procedures, and rules;
  • demonstrate good work habits in carrying out assigned tasks;
  • demonstrate regard for confidentiality and respect for the dignity and rights of others;
  • display a professional demeanor;
  • communicate effectively using verbal and written communication techniques at each professional practice site;
  • demonstrate dependability by being punctual and completing assignments in a timely, accurate, and thorough manner; and
  • conduct one’s self in an ethical manner reflective of the AHIMA Code of Ethics and the academic Code of Conduct.

Prerequisites: BI 150, BI 151, MA 115, MR 101, MR 102, MR 103, MR 105, MR 106, MR 252
Corequisites: MR 205, MR 206
S (N)

A “C” or better must be obtained in all prerequisite courses to be eligible to take this course. A C- is not an acceptable grade.