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Spring 2020 Catalog 
Spring 2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EG 051 - Advanced EMT Field Internship

Credit Hours: 1

This course requires the student to function in actual pre-hospital emergencies, under physician medical direction, on a mobile advanced life support unit.  Students will progress from observing to performing advanced life support skills as a crew member.  Students are supervised and evaluated by designated AEMT or paramedic preceptors and the physician medical director, under direction of the field internship coordinator.  Students must successfully complete and submit on time the required run sheets, documentation and evaluations to successfully complete course requirements.

Course Outcomes
Given a medical or trauma scenario and acting as team leader of a “crew” of three or four students, the student will demonstrate his/her ability to:

  • conduct a thorough assessment using the 90-second primary survey and secondary survey;
  • prioritize care;
  • provide immediate appropriate treatment for life-threatening conditions;
  • provide leadership to crew members, directing ALS care where indicated;
  • respond within a reasonable time to changing conditions of the patient, with appropriate measures;
  • give concise, thorough information about the patient and the care rendered to “medical control” via radio;
  • receive and correctly act upon medical direction given over the radio; and
  • students will be required to successfully complete two megacodes, one medical and one trauma, in the leadership role.  While acting in that role, in one scenario, the student will be expected to accomplish the above objectives according to current medical protocols.  While in a non-leadership role in another scenario, the student will be evaluated on the skill of intubation.

Prerequisites: EG113, six months experience preferred as a basic EMT. Application must be made to the EMT department including completion of the SUNY Erie allied health form and current immunization status. Students seeking NYS funding must include a NYS DOH form #3312, verification of membership indicating current active status on an EMS field unit, signed by an officer of the EMS agency. If the student is an officer of the agency, it cannot be signed by the student.
Corequisites: EG 114, EG 115, EG 048
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