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Spring 2020 Catalog 
Spring 2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EG 099 - Paramedic Introduction, Pathophysiology and Life Span Development

Credit Hours: 3

This introductory course will familiarize the student with topics related to the EMT-paramedic profession. Topics include: well being, injury prevention, roles and responsibilities, medical/legal issues, therapeutic communication, general principles of pathophysiology and lifespan development. The focus is on human responses to illness expressed at the physiologic, pathophysiologic, experiential and behavioral levels.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • define the roles and responsibilities of a paramedic;
  • identify medical / legal issues relating to prehospital care;
  • communicate effectively utilizing oral and written reporting skills;
  • practice injury prevention skills and implement wellness techniques;
  • identify various disease pathologies; and
  • define the various stages relating to life span development.

Prerequisites: Basic EMT, successful completion of pretest for math (MTLV2 or higher) & English (WRLV3 & RELV3 or higher).
F (S)

Students seeking entrance into this course must be currently certified as a basic EMT and be admitted to the paramedic curriculum to register for this course.