Jan 19, 2022  
2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog

AU 118 - Mopar CAP Cooperative Work Experience

Credit Hours: 1.5

Theory and instruction received in previous CAP courses, taught with a Chrysler emphasis, are applied to work in the sponsoring dealership.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • be able to go through a new car prep and perform necessary adjustments and do the required assemblies;
  • drive vehicles into shop and set them up on the lift and raise them off the ground;
  • safely raise a vehicle off the ground with a floor jack and properly support the vehicle using jack stands;
  • perform a lube, oil and filter on any of the vehicles manufactured by Chrysler;
  • display a working knowledge of shop safety and the necessary steps to follow in the event of an emergency;
  • demonstrate the ability to use the appropriate shop manuals or computer software required to repair a vehicle;
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the dealer environment and how it operates;
  • show the ability to properly use a Digital Volt/Ohm meter (DVOM) and all its functions;
  • locate and repair basic electrical problems, such as lighting, starter, alternator, radio, etc;
  • test and repair battery, starting and charging systems;
  • perform basic wire repair to manufacturer specifications;
  • where required, dissemble, diagnose and repair electrical components (starter, alternator, etc.);
  • read and follow wiring schematics to complete necessary repairs;
  • do basic test of fuses, circuit breakers, relays, flashers, motors, etc. and repair as necessary;
  • test drive a vehicle to determine if there is a problem with the braking system;
  • inspect a vehicle brake system to check for necessary repairs needed to correct a problem;
  • as required, replace defective brake components with new parts and ensure proper assembly;
  • reface a brake drum or rotor and maintain the required manufacturer specifications;
  • bleed vehicle brake system as required by shop manual and using required equipment;
  • demonstrate the ability to cut and flare steel brake lines as required; and
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the Antilock Braking System(s) (ABS) used by Chrysler.

All Chrysler co-ops are conducted with the student working with an “A” grade technician. All the above objectives would be performed under the guidance of a professional to aid the student in the learning process as well as ensuring that all repairs and inspections are performed properly and at the level expected of the manufacturer.

Prerequisites: Enrollment in the Chrysler College Automotive Program (CAP).
Corequisites: AU 100, AU 110, AU 111, AU 120, AU 121
F (S)