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Fall 2016 Catalog 
Fall 2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Casino Gaming Machine Repair Technician, Certificate

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Degree: Certificate
HEGIS Code: 5105
Curriculum Code: 1867
Campus Location: South
Engineering & Technologies Division

Program Description

With the dramatic local expansion of casino gaming machines simultaneously joining technological change in the industry, a gaping void exists in available educational opportunities associated with gaming equipment repair. With this certificate program, Erie Community College can plug this void with classes aimed at training students to become gaming machine repair technicians.

This program is designed to provide education and training in the repair and maintenance of casino gaming machines. Its purpose is to prepare individuals for jobs as technicians who will service the gaming industry’s sophisticated electronic equipment. Students may include persons new to the industry, as well as employees already in the industry who may wish to upgrade their skills. Individuals already working as electronic technicians may wish to add a new skill set. Moreover, it will make possible another career alternative for students in the Computer Repair Technology Program.

The design of the program recognizes that the CGM repair technician is essentially a computer repair technician, and builds upon the courses that comprise the first year of computer repair technology. Then it adds the missing elements in an additional CGM system maintenance course. It is a 25-credit hour program, designed for full-or part-time study – two semesters full-time or three semesters part-time. The first half of the curriculum includes mathematics, recognition of components, circuit testing and safety issues. The second half deals with advanced electronic skills, computer logic and microprocessors. Electronic troubleshooting is featured in the new course.

Department Notes

The Casino Gaming Machine Repair Technician Certificate Program is built from the content of the computer repair technology program, but does not replace it. However, it does meet the required courses for a portion of the first-year requirements.


Placement testing of students will be used to determine entry requirements. Students who do not test at MTLV 3 or higher will be given an opportunity to take developmental math before entry into the program in order to ensure every opportunity for success.

Program Competencies

  • Use the resistor color code and component recognition.
  • Demonstrate electronic soldering and terminating wire connections using solderless-type connectors.
  • Demonstrate using electronic test instrumentation dual trace scopes, frequency counters and function generators.
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting half-wave, full-wave and bridge power supplies.
  • Student will be able to troubleshoot and repair voltage doublers.
  • Prototype multistage analog and digital circuits, check these circuits for normal operation and design and construct circuit boards for these circuits.
  • Design, construct and test digital logic circuits to meet the demands of any four input logic circuits.
  • Demonstrate basic theory and architecture of computer systems.
  • Interact with a computer system to assess its performance.
  • Disassemble and reassemble mechanical components of computer systems and adjust for proper operation.
  • Isolate system malfunction by relating program execution to specific groups of circuits.
  • Use system software to generate, operate and maintain program logos to identify failed system components.
  • Demonstrate power system operation.
  • Isolate data communications system faults to specific subsystems.


Total Degree Credits: 25 credits

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