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Fall 2016 Catalog 
Fall 2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer)

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Degree: Associate in Arts
HEGIS Code: 5649
Curriculum Code: 1802
Campus Location:
City (all program courses are presently taught on all three campuses)
Liberal Arts Division

Pre-Admission Recommendations: HS or HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma, Interview, All remedial work completed
Career Opportunities/Further Education: Transfer to designated Western New York Four-Year College to complete Bachelor of Education Degree

The Liberal Arts curriculum has a dual purpose. The courses provide students subject matter enabling them to transfer to a four-year college or university. However, the curriculum is also designed to provide general education for those who desire it.

Requirements are listed on the following pages for programs granting Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees. The Associate in Arts requirements are designed to give students a balanced distribution of courses in English, humanities and social sciences. The Associate in Science requirements are designed to give a student a balance between mathematics and laboratory sciences. These programs have been formulated to ensure a maximum level of acceptance for the transfer student regardless of the program for which he/she applies at a four-year institution.

Students interested in a flexible exploratory course of study and the option of a self-structured curriculum may pursue Liberal Arts-General Studies. This program offers the student a course of study leading to an Associate in Science degree and an opportunity to experience courses in other curricula.

SUNY General Education Student Learning Outcomes

The SUNY General Education knowledge and skills areas and the two competencies now function as the basis for the Liberal Arts Program outcomes. These General Education Requirements are detailed in the Academic Information section of this catalog.


Scholarships are available. Contact the ECC Foundation for additional information.

Program Description

The Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer) Program, Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, is designed to provide students with a seamless transfer into the Bachelor of Science Education programs offered by area SUNY institutions, Buffalo State and SUNY Fredonia, and a solid foundation of required coursework for transfer to other SUNY campuses and local private colleges that offer education programs. Curriculum areas include: SUNY General Education courses, subject area concentration courses, introductory education courses and other required core courses related to the childhood education curriculum. Included within this program will be early and direct access to teacher practitioners as students complete the clinical field observation experiences in specific pedagogical courses.

When transferring to the four-year college of choice, students will be able to utilize this degree to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education 1-6 degree, a dual Certification Program: Teacher of Childhood Education 1-6 and Childhood Special Education degree, a combined Birth to Grade 6 (Early Childhood B-2/Childhood Education 1-6) degree or a Childhood Education 1-6 with a Middle School extension degree. Successful transfer to an education program at the four-year college level will be contingent upon students meeting the four-year college’s admissions criteria, including a minimum GPA required by that institution.

Program Competencies

Upon graduation with a Liberal Arts and Sciences: Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer) Associate in Arts degree, the graduate will obtain competencies as outlined by the Liberal Arts Department and will be able to demonstrate:

  • the general educational competencies necessary to successfully transition to a four-year teaching school;
  • a firm foundation of basic pedagogical skills;
  • an understanding of the historical, sociological and philosophical foundations of the teaching profession;
  • an understanding of the psychological development of childhood age student populations;
  • demonstrate foundational competency in the core subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies;
  • knowledge of the New York State Learning Standards; and 
  • knowledge of school personnel and institutions that affect school policy from the individual school building level through the national level including, but not limited to, the school district, the state government including the State Education Department, the federal government, and alternative educational entities including private schools and charter schools.

Required Courses

Total Degree Credits: 60-69

Students matriculated in the Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer) program will complete a minimum of 60 credit hours in required courses. The listing of required courses for this program will vary to some degree due to the choice of subject area concentration selected and individual requirements of the four-year college students may wish to attend. Because of these factors, students must maintain contact with the department head for Teacher Preparation Programs and/or their advisor. To accomplish this objective, there will be a new student orientation each semester and at least one required contact per semester between the matriculated student and advisor to review the student’s overall program performance and other issues to ensure successful completion of the program. Students will also receive appropriate written material to assist them in the transition through this program.

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