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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, A.A.

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Degree: Associate in Arts
HEGIS Code: 5615
Curriculum Code: 2579.ENG
Campus Location: City, North

Liberal Arts & Science Division

Pre-Admission Recommendations:
Recommended H.S. Courses and/or Experiences:
Career Opportunities/Further Education:

Program Description

In the SUNY Erie English department, students will be introduced to the power of literature and the English language, with a quality learning experience that features small classes and dedicated advisors and teachers.
Students will develop enhanced written and oral communication skills that enable them to express themselves effectively in the classroom and beyond - as learners, professionals, jobholders, and citizens. Students will complete
their SUNY General Education requirements, earning an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree with credits relevant to the SUNY transfer paths for a continued education and seamless transfer into an English Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program at a four-year college.

With a wide range of courses to choose from, students will be prepared in areas of English composition, critical thinking, literary theory and general literature. This preparation will result in marketable professional skills allowing
for direct entry into the workforce, with job opportunities such as Tutoring, Research Assistant, Administrative positions, Digital Copywriter, Editorial Assistant, Magazine or Newspaper Journalist, Publishing Copy-Editor /
Proofreader, Grant Writing, and Web Content Manager. At the conclusion of this program, students will have been exposed to a variety of writing styles, gained analytical skills, developed a confident knowledge of research
methods, improved the effectiveness of their oral and written communication methods, as well as have a broad base of knowledge on general literary history, and well-respected, culturally diverse works of literature. If a consistent
full-time course schedule is maintained, students can complete the SUNY curriculum requirements with flexibility in the second year to choose courses geared toward career tracks such as English Education, Business,
Communications and Media, Advertising, Journalism, Law, Publishing, Technical Writing, Marketing, and more.

Program Competencies

Upon graduating with an Associate in Arts degree in English, the student will be able to:

  • produce and revise coherent texts within common college-level written forms;
  • research a topic, develop an argument and organize supporting details;
  • demonstrate proficiency in oral discourse;
  • apply the methods and conventions of literature;
  • identify literature as a form of artistic expression and the creative process inherent therein;
  • define and explain the vocabulary, conventions, methods and evolution of a specific genre of literature;
  • explain the evolution of literary periods and movements, including the effects of historical, philosophical and
    cultural contexts on the development of theme and style;
  • analyze the importance of diverse voices and identities to the evolution of literature;
  • identify and analyze themes and stylistic elements present in the works of at least one major author, including
    the effects of historical and cultural context upon that author’s writings; and
  • apply a range of literary theories to specific works of literature.


 Total Degree Credits: 60

First Year, Fall Semester

First Year, Spring Semester

Second Year, Fall Semester

  • Major Genre Credit Hours: 3
  • Survey & Period - Pre 19th Century Credit Hours: 3
  • Literature and Identity Credit Hours: 3
  • (2) Open Electives (Any courses in the college catalog) Credit Hours: 6

Second Year, Spring Semester

  • Credit Hours: 3 or
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Major Genre Course Credit Hours: 3 Credits / Units: 3
  • Survey & Period - 19th Century to Present Course Credit Hours: 3 Credits / Units: 3
  • Major Author Course  Credit Hours: 3 Credits / Units: 3
  • Open Elective Credit Hours: 3 Credits / Units: 3


Major Genres: 

  • EN 240 - Studies in Short Fiction
  • EN 249 - Studies in the Novel
  • EN 260 - Studies in Poetry
  • EN 270 - Studies in Drama
  • EN 277 / AT 277 - Graphic Novel and Sequential Art
  • EN 280 - Literature and Film
  • EN 285 - Introduction to Film
  • EN 292 - Children’s Literature
  • EN 294 - Mythology
  • EN 296 - The Bible as Literature
  • EN 299 - Topics in Literature: Genre and Theme

Survey and Period Courses Pre-19th Century

  • EN 210 - American Literature to (1865) I
  • EN 220 - British Literature I
  • EN 298 - Topics in Literature: Literary Periods and Movements

Survey and Period Courses 19th Century to Present

  • EN 211 - American Literature Since (1865) II
  • EN 221 - British Literature II
  • EN 245 - Present-Day Short Fiction
  • EN 250 - American Novel 1900 to the Present
  • EN 265 - Modern and Contemporary Poetry
  • EN 286 - Contemporary Cinema

Major Author Courses

  • EN 225 - Shakespeare
  • EN 297 - Topics in Literature: Major Authors

Literature and Identity

  • EN 215 - African American Literature I
  • EN 216 - African American Literature II*
  • EN 230 - World Literature
  • EN 235 - U.S. Latino Literature
  • EN 236 - Images of Women in Literature
  • EN 245 - Present-Day Short Fiction
  • EN 265 - Modern and Contemporary Poetry
    EN 275 Culture in the Community*
  • EN 276 Foundations in Literary Art*

Writing as Craft (Can be used as Open Electives)

  • EN 114 - Public Speaking
  • EN 140 - Creative Writing I
  • EN 141 - Creative Writing II
  • EN 150 - Journalism I
  • EN 151 - Journalism II
  • EN 160 - Publications Practicum I
  • EN 161 - Publications Practicum II
  • EN 162 - Publications Practicum III
  • EN 163 - Publications Practicum IV
  • EN 201 - Writing for Graphic Publications

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