Dec 11, 2023  
2023-2024 Catalog 
2023-2024 Catalog

Liberal Arts and Sciences: Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer), A.A.

Location(s): City Campus

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Degree: Associate in Arts
HEGIS Code: 5649
Curriculum Code: 1802.ELE

Liberal Arts Division

Pre-Admission Recommendations: HS or HSE (High School Equivalency) Diploma, Interview, All remedial work completed
Career Opportunities/Further Education: Transfer to designated Western New York Four-Year College to complete Bachelor of Education Degree


Program Description

The Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer) Program Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree is designed to provide students with a seamless transfer into the Bachelor of Science Education programs offered by area SUNY institutions Buffalo State and SUNY Fredonia, and a solid foundation of required coursework for transfer to other SUNY campuses and local private colleges that offer education programs. Curriculum areas include: SUNY General Education courses, subject area concentration courses, introductory education courses and other required core courses related to the childhood education curriculum. Included within this program will be early and direct access to teacher practitioners as students complete the clinical field observation experiences in specific pedagogical courses.

When transferring to the four-year college of choice, students will be able to utilize this degree to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education 1-6 degree, a dual Certification Program: Teacher of Childhood Education 1-6 and Childhood Special Education degree, a combined Birth to Grade 6 (Early Childhood B-2/Childhood Education 1-6) degree or a Childhood Education 1-6 with a Middle School extension degree. Successful transfer to an education program at the four-year college level will be contingent upon students meeting the four-year college’s admissions criteria, including a minimum GPA required by that institution.

Program Competencies

Upon graduation with a Liberal Arts and Sciences: Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer) Associate in Arts degree, the graduate will obtain competencies as outlined by the Liberal Arts Department and will be able to:

  • model and create aspects of the classroom environment that demonstrate the teaching profession;

  • critically analyze the philosophies of education for use in the classroom;

  • identify, describe and interpret how the historical development of America’s public school system relates to the present-day public-school system; 

  • gain knowledge of the laws and terms governing students with special needs and the implications for the classroom teacher; 

  • utilize appropriate resources to investigate students’ special learning needs and identify appropriate instructional strategies;

  • create and develop an understanding of psychological childhood development and how the home environment and conditions that lead to at-risk children affect the school environment; and

  • demonstrate the foundational concepts in the common core subject areas of English and Mathematics.

Required Courses

Students matriculated in the Childhood Education 1-6 (Teacher Education Transfer) program will complete a minimum of 61 credit hours in required courses. The listing of required courses for this program will vary to some degree due to the choice of subject area concentration selected and individual requirements of the four-year college students may wish to attend. Because of these factors, students must maintain contact with the Program Director for Teacher Preparation Programs and/or their advisor. To accomplish this objective, there will be a new student orientation each semester and at least one required contact per semester between the matriculated student and advisor to review the student’s overall program performance and other issues to ensure successful completion of the program. 


Total Degree Credits: 61.0 - 63.0

Required Courses


  • Students are required to speak with the Program Director or adviser within the program regarding course selections.
  • Students are required to choose a concentration area in this program, with the assistance of the Program Director or program adviser.
  • The curriculum varies slightly based on the educational goals of each student.
  • Program-specific advisement is HIGHLY recommended.
  • Students completing the program can fulfill  SUNY Transfer Path Requirement for the discipline most closely related to their interests. See your adviser.


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