Mar 21, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog

EG 048 - Advanced EMT - Clinical Experience

Credit Hours: 1

A 48-hour clinical experience in participating hospitals leading to practical application of the ALS skills acquired in classes (EG 114 & EG 115).

Course Outcomes
In order to complete the objectives, the student will:

  • report to the specialty unit on your scheduled date and shift and “sign in” with the nursing supervisor;
  • review the rules and operating procedures within the unit with the preceptor, making certain that the student’s role in the unit is defined;
  • review the objectives with the preceptor in the instructional unit. Discuss which activities will be included in the experience;
  • review the history, diagnosis, complications, and treatment of each patient in the unit;
  • observe and participate in unit activities as directed by the preceptor. Should the student observe a technique or procedure performed differently from its presentation during the classroom activities, he may question the preceptor about differences observed, but remember that the techniques presented during the lecture may not be the only correct method;
  • perform each activity on the checklist (where appropriate) under the direct supervision of the preceptor. If the student is unsure of the activity, the preceptor will demonstrate the skill;
  • review each activity performed with the preceptor, critiquing the student’s performance; and
  • be sure the preceptor signs the Attendance Record after each clinical session and signs off each skill successfully performed in the Skills Tally Book.

Prerequisites: EG113, six months experience preferred as a basic EMT. Application must be made to the EMT department including the allied health form and current immunization status. Students seeking NYS funding must include a NYS DOH form #3312, verification of membership indicating current active status on an EMS field unit, signed by an officer of the EMS agency. If the student is an officer of the agency, it cannot be signed by the student.
Corequisites: EG 114, EG 115, EG 051
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