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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PA 111 - Constitutional Law

Credit Hours: 3

This course considers the US Constitution not only as the Supreme Law of the land, but also as the framework for our Federal Government.  The emphasis of the course is on certain areas of law such as the Right to Privacy, the application of the Bill of Rights and its impact on Criminal Law and Procedure.  We explore the procedural path to the US Supreme Court, the work of the Court in choosing and deciding cases and the impact of its decisions on society

Course Outcomes
A student who successfully completes the course will:

  • be able to describe the historical origins of the basic structures of American constitutional government;
  • be able to define, compare and contrast federalism, judicial review and separation of powers;
  • be able to discuss the Bill of Rights, its history and its relationship to the 14th Amendment;
  • be able to basically discuss substantive review and due process and will be able to analyze basic problems concerning equal protection of the laws and fundamental freedoms; and
  • have a basic understanding of the commerce clause, substantive due process and other basic issues relating to the general structure of the legal history of American political economy.

F/S (C, N)

*Offered Fall & Spring semesters at City.
*Offered only Spring semester at North.